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The Necklace

  • Author: Becca

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 07/21/01

  • Category:  Josh/Donna

  • Summary: A tragedy with a twist at the end.




Poker Faces

  • Rated: G | Updated: 07/14/00

  • Category: general

  • Summary: The gang gets together for a poker game after work.





The First

  • Rated: G | Updated: 07/06/00

  • Category: general

  • Summary: The President and CJ have a discussion on the First Amendment.

Not Much Trouble

  • Rated: G | Updated: 07/06/00

  • Category: general

  • Summary: Same brings his two nieces to work and they goes lose in the White House.

Election Day

  • Rated: G | Updated: 07/08/00

  • Category: general

  • Summary: On the day that Bartlet wins the Presidential Election, Leo reflects back to the day that the thought of President Bartlet first came into his mind. 


  • Rated: G | Updated: 07/16/00

  • Category: first season finale resolution

  • Summary: People are anxious to hear the news of their family members who are caught in the middle of the shooting rampage.

Only A Friend Can Say

  • Rated: G | Updated: 07/22/00

  • Category: general

  • Summary: Leo thinks back to the memorable moments between he and the President.

Late Night

  • Rated: G | Updated: 08/15/00

  • Category: general

  • Summary: Late night talk show host talks about the Bartlet administration.

Why Do They Come

  • Rated: G | Updated: 08/16/00

  • Category: general

  • Summary: CJ is touched by an article written by an anonymous White House press corps.


  • Rated: PG | Updated: 09/18/00

  • Category: first season finale resolution, character death

  • Summary: Hoynes tries to comfort a sorrowful Abbey Bartlet.


  • Rated: PG | Updated: 10/09/00

  • Category: first season finale resolution

  • Summary: Leo fights to stay control.

Seven Days

  • Rated: G | Updated: 11/02/00

  • Category: general, alternate universe

  • Summary: Seven days before the election...


  • Rated: PG | Updated: 10/20/01

  • Category: General

  • Summary: "'I think the President is relieved to be concentrating on something that matters,' CJ says. I exchange a horrified look with the Times reporter to my left and write down the quote."



Bondi Gargoyle


Snowbowl - part: 1  2  3   4  5  6   7  8  9

  • Author: Bondi Gargoyle

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 02/16/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: Donna has been less than honest about the state of her love life.   When her family wants her new man brought home for Thanksgiving, Josh volunteers to fill in.  But will 4 days with Donna's family have Josh running for cover or looking for something more permanent.

As You Wish

  • Rated: PG-13 | Updated: 03/24/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: A red dress, A Louisville Slugger and Josh going just a little bit off the deep end.

Big Shoes

  • Rated: G | Updated: 04/21/01

  • Category: General

  • Summary: Josh tries to cope when he must serve as Acting Chief of Staff.

What You Will - part:    1  2  3

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 05/05/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: Josh's shining armor begins to show a little tarnish ( Sequel to As You Wish)

World Enough and Time

  • Rated: PG-13 | Updated: 05/12/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: Donna 's musings on a lost weekend and an argument on Shakespeare. (sequel to What You Will)

Since You've Been Gone

  • Rated: PG-13 | Updated: 05/26/01

  • Category: General, Josh/Mandy

  • Summary: Josh trys to fend for himself when Donna leaves during the Primaries ( as per "17 People")

Smoke and Mirrors -    part:   1  2  3

  • Rated: G | Updated: 06/09/01

  • Category: General

  • Summary: Josh only has one more week as Acting Chief of Staff but a hurricane,  a contentious senator and Sam seem to be trying to make it as difficult as possible. ( sequel to 'Big Shoes')

Fifteen-Love - part: 1  2  3

  • Rated: PG-13 | Updated: 06/16/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: Having almost nothing to do with tennis and rather a lot to do with the trials and tribulations of true love ( sequel to World Enough and Time; 4th in the As You Wish Series)


  • Rated:PG | Updated: 09/08/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: An episode addition to "18th & Potomac"

The Gales of November - part: 1  2  3   4   5

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 01/18/02

  • Category: Josh/Joey

  • Summary: Josh is proving himself once again the master politician but none of it may be enough to undo the major mistake he's made in his personal life.





  • Rated: PG | Updated: 03/31/01

  • Category: General

  • Summary: Josh seeks "Donna advice" from Sam, but Toby seems to have most of the answers.

Quiet Time

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 03/31/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: Josh and Donna have a secret ritual.

World Religion Day

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 04/07/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: Short post "17 People".   Late night discussion between two friends.

Exhibit A - part:    1  2  3

  • Rated: R | Updated: 04/14/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: Donna ends up at Josh's place drunk, wearing an uncomfortable dress and old insecurities.

Phone Message, Phone Message

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 04/28/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: A little fun with the .."so and so called while you were out" thing..

The Edible Series -   Giant Waffles and Tree Sloths

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 04/28/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: First in the "Edible Series".  The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach.

The Edible Series -   Wooing

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 04/28/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: Second story  in the "Edible Series".    Josh muses about what women want plus more office hijinks with our favorite non-couple couple.

The Edible Series -   In the Interest of Keeping Things Balanced

  • Rated: PG-13 | Updated: 04/28/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: Third story  in the "Edible Series".    Josh is being, you know, him and Donna drowns her sorrows in creamy and salty snacks..

The Edible Series -   Wooing

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 04/28/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: Second story  in the "Edible Series".    Josh muses about what women want plus more office hijinks with our favorite non-couple couple.

Bad Q Rising - part:    1  2

  • Rated: PG-13 | Updated: 05/26/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna TWW/St:TNG Crossover Spoof

  • Summary: Al Kiefer -- is he just the guy who gets cigarettes for satan or is he really -- Q of Star Trek fame?

Better vs. Nice

  • Rated: PG-13 | Updated: 06/30/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: On a late night, Josh works through the mean thoughts in his head.


  • Rated: PG-13 | Updated: 06/30/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: "He has his own theory that he's been kicking around lately -- he sees them as having a dyslexic sort of relationship."

Spoils of War

  • Rated: PG-13 | Updated: 06/30/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: A fluffy post-ep for 2 Cathedrals includes the answers to a couple of questions.


  • Rated: R | Updated: 09/01/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: "He has no idea what the hell he's doing and it scares the crap out of him."

Donna's Big, Unwrapped, Microwave Oven Box

  • Rated: PG-13 | Updated: 10/06/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: It's Donna's birthday -- guess what Josh gets her?

The Mess

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 12/09/01

  • Category: General, Cross-over (Northern Exposure)

  • Summary: Stanley comes back to the White House...um, but he's really Adam, from Northern Exposure.

The Gentle Art of Head Wounds

  • Rated: PG-13 | Updated: 12/09/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: "So," I start casually. "Josh is meeting Amy Gardner for drinks."




Just A Dance

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 06/09/00

  • Category: CJ/Toby

  • Summary: For CJ and Toby, it all starts with a dance at the State Dinner.





The Other Side

  • Rated: PG-13 | Updated: 01/07/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna, Romance

  • Summary: Picks up directly where "Noel" left off.


  • Rated: PG-13 | Updated: 07/21/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: Sequel to "The Other Side".   Later that same night, Josh wants to go away with Donna.

Anniversaries and Ado-Annie

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 07/21/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: Post-ep to "17 People". The event's later that night between Josh and Donna.

Deserved Recognition

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 07/21/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: It's a little Josh and Donna piece that got in my head after " The Stackhouse Filibuster". It takes place in Josh's office as he and Donna are sharing a beer.


Brandy L.


Confessions - Love

  • Rated: PG | Updated: 06/30/01

  • Category: CJ/Leo

  • Summary: Leo talks to POTUS about his relationship with CJ .


Bridget Walker


Silent Understanding

  • Rated: G | Updated: 07/28/01

  • Category:  Josh/Donna

  • Summary: An elaboration on the scene of Josh's encounter with Joey Lucas at Reagan National Airport.


Bronwyn Morris


The Gift

  • Rated: G | Updated: 01/07/01

  • Category: Josh/Donna

  • Summary: Set during "In Excelsis Deo".  Mandy finds out Josh bought a gift for Donna.


Brona Osborne


The Path To Love Is Rocky - part: 1

  • Rated:  | Updated: 06/09/00

  • Category:  Josh/Donna, Donna/other, new character

  • Summary:  Josh tries not to be jealous of Donna's new male friend.